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Dear Users ... we are working on some reconstruction and developments of BBGCDB (new menu items and functions), and on proper integration MuSo 4.1 with desktop grid system. Although new projects can be launched, but problems can occure ... please carefully use BBGCDB system and report back in any case of problems - Ferenc Horváth

Biome-BGCMuSo v4.1 is released

The Biome-BGCMuSo v4.1 source code [UNIX tar file; WinZip, 7-Zip or WinRAR can handle it] and the executable for Windows [zip file] can be download from the official site of Biome-BGCMuSo.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to the model.
Dóra HIDY: dori.hidy [at] and Zoltán BARCZA: zoltan.barcza [at]

I have just uploaded Biome-BGCMuSo v4.0.7 [source code and Windows exe] to the website of the model:
If you used previous version of Biome-BGCMuSo v4, please replace the executable with the new one. Some bugs were corrected, so this is the latest and [hopefully] final release of v4. The new model version will be implemented in the BBGCDB website.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.
Zoltan BARCZA and Dora HIDY

We discovered a bug that caused nasty ambiguous performance in the last weeks. Now we fixed it, so the actual version of Biome-BGCMuSo is 4.0.3 ...

We started to test the drupal 7 version of BBGCDB, that is not public yet. The actual / previous version still operates with 'Biome-BGC 4.1.1 MPI', but the new version of the model 'Biome-BGCMuSo 4.0.2' is also under testing with BBGCDB-7. As a consequence we temporarily stopped to launch MuSo4 option here.

We hope to finish all implementation and tests till the end of January.

Apologies for restrictions and inconveniences ... please ask for any questions
Ferenc Horváth (horvath.ferenc [at]

Please follow the official website of the Biome-BGCMuSo model to access up-to-data info, references, detailed documentation and executables.

Dear users,

It was high time to transform & move the BBGCDB framework to the next version of drupal to keep the system up-to-date. Dóra started this hard work two weeks ago, that will continue in next weeks. We plan to accomplish it untill mid January of next year. The BBGCDB service keeps going on, but new projects (and all related new contents) created during this period will be 'lost' (missing from the updated version). We would like to advise against launching new projects or uploading new datasets except for test, exercise or temporary reasons.

Apologies for restriction and inconvenience ... please ask for any questions
Ferenc Horváth (horvath.ferenc [at]

Alex Hardisty, ... Z. Barcza, L. Dobor, D. Hidy ... F. Horváth, D. Ittzés, P. Ittzés ... and P. Yilmaz published a paper in BMC Ecology, summarizing the main achievements of the BioVeL project, titled 'BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology'.


BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology

BMC Ecology 16:49

Sándor, R., Barcza, Z., Acutis, M., Doro, L., Hidy, D., Köchy, M., Minet, J., Lellei-Kovács, E., Ma, S., Perego, A., Rolinski, S., Ruget, F., Sanna, M., Seddaiu, G., Wu, L. & Bellocchi, G. (2016). Multi-model simulation of soil temperature, soil water content and biomass in Euro-Mediterranean grasslands: Uncertainties and ensemble performance. European Journal of Agronomy (in press),

Terrestrial Ecosystem Process Model Biome-BGCMuSo: Summary of improvements and new modeling possibilities by D. Hidy et al.

The paper is now accessible and open for interactive public discussion until 08 Jul 2016 at:

Referees, authors and other members of the scientific community can submit interactive comments for immediate non-peer-reviewed publication alongside the discussion paper. These comments are fully citable and archived together with the discussion paper.